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QB Box Kit

QB Box Kit

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QB Box: The Retro-Modern Brain Teaser

QB Box, a DIY crafted light-based game that pays homage to the classic Merlin handheld video game of 1978. Designed for both the nostalgic gamer and the modern puzzle enthusiast, the QB Box offers a perfect balance of engaging challenge and delightful simplicity.

NOTE: This kit requires soldering. If you are uncomfortable with that, we have a built version...

Purchase The QB Box Built Version HERE.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 PLA Main Enclosure
  • 1 PLA Bottom Cover
  • 1 TPU Button Cover
  • 1 QB Box PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • 1 Toggle Switch
  • 9 Light Buttons
  • 9 Resistors (1K Ohm each)
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 1 Connector for 9V Battery
  • 2 sets of 15-Pin Header Pins (Female and Male)
  • 1 Arduino Nano
  • 1 Battery (9V)

    Key Features:

        • Retro Roots, Modern Play: Experience a contemporary twist on the first-ever handheld "video game," reimagined for today's tech-savvy audience.
        • Engaging Puzzle Design: Enjoy a brain-teasing experience that's captivating but not overly complex, keeping you intrigued without frustration.
        • Hands-On Assembly: Comes as a DIY kit, providing the thrill of building your own game console. The kit includes a PCB, Arduino Nano, light buttons, resistors, and more.
        • Intuitive Gameplay: Easy to pick up but challenging to master, the QB Box is perfect for quick brain exercises or extended play sessions.
        • Compact and Portable: Its sleek, handheld design makes it an ideal travel companion for entertainment on the go.
        • Educational Fun: A great tool for learning electronics and programming, offering a practical, hands-on approach to STEM education.

    Perfect For:

        • Retro gaming aficionados
        • Puzzle and brain game lovers
        • DIY hobbyists and electronics enthusiasts
        • Those looking for a unique, thoughtful gift
        • Educators and parents interested in STEM learning tools

    Why QB Box? It's not just a game; it's a journey back in time with a modern twist. The QB Box is your chance to reconnect with the roots of handheld gaming while engaging your mind in a uniquely satisfying way. Whether you're rekindling old memories or creating new ones, the QB Box is your portal to fun, learning, and nostalgia.

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