DIY Potentiometer

DIY Potentiometer

 DIY Potentiometer Parts

This is a DIY Potentiometer that requires no tools to assemble.
Parts List:
  • 3D Printed Knob
  • 3D Printed Main Body
  • 3D Printed Snap On Wire Holder
  • A piece of printer paper
  • Double sided tape
  • A #2 pencil
  • 3 Wires (Ideally something flexible like silicon)

Download and print the 3D parts and assemble!...

Download the 3D files (STL) HERE
See the video here:

 With a #2 pencil scribble a stripe 10mm or wider the across the width of a sheet of paper. Make sure it's on a smooth surface. Go back over it a couple of times making sure it is coated well in graphite. Don't leave any gaps.

On the other side of the stripe add double sided tape and cut an even strip 6mm wide.

Carefully add this strip on the inside edge of the main body.

Make sure to feed the wiper wire through the hole in the shaft, then through the hole between the other two wires...

 DIY Potentiometer Test

This is the code I used for the potentiometer test...


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