Outlet Checker

Outlet Checker

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 This project involves a system of D1 Mini microcontrollers configured for peer-to-peer communication using their built-in WiFi capabilities. The primary function of this system is to identify which circuit breakers control specific outlets. Each D1 Mini, serving as a transmitter, is programmed with a unique identifier and transmits a signal when powered. The system also includes a receiver equipped with a strip of WS2812b addressable LEDs, each corresponding to a transmitter (1-5). The transmitters are housed in 3D-printed cases, numbered for easy identification. The process involves plugging the transmitters into outlets and toggling circuit breakers to observe which LED extinguishes, indicating the associated breaker for each outlet.

3D Files and Code are below...

TX Parts:

RX Parts
Power: Use red and black wire from a USB cable...
LEDs for RX: Use pin D0 for WS2812b LEDs on the RX. It's good to use a 120-240 Ohm resistor between DIN on the LEDs and the D0 PIN, however it's not required.

3D Files: https://a360.co/3U091tW

 Code for the Transmitter: 

 Code for the Receiver: 

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