USB-C PD Power Trigger Module

USB-C PD Power Trigger Module

USB-C has emerged as considerable improvement from existing USB devices, particularly in the realm of power delivery and device charging. I recently released a video that shows the voltage selecting capabilities of the USB-C Power Trigger Module.

USB-C Power Trigger Module

USB-C chargers are capable of delivering various voltage outputs - from the standard 5V up to a robust 20V in higher power models. I heard some can go higher, but I don't have experience with those device. This adaptability makes USB-C an ideal solution for a wide range of electronic devices including gadgets, smartphones and even laptops.

In this post I am testing the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) 20V DC Fixed Voltage Power Trigger Module. This compact yet powerful gadget can coax USB-C chargers to deliver different voltages. By default, USB-C outputs 5 volts, but with the Power Trigger Module, it's possible to set different voltages by simply solder bridging jumper pads.

USB-C Power Trigger Module Jumper Pads

USB-C chargers don't just power devices; they communicate with them. This active communication helps set the appropriate voltage and current limits, ensuring optimal and safe power delivery. The Power Trigger Module taps into this feature, enabling users to customize voltage output for their specific needs.

Power Trigger Module Case

As demonstrated in my video, I used the module's capabilities by purchasing a 5-pack for just $12, adding stiff wire, and 3D printing small enclosures. This setup allowed me to run various voltage breadboard projects using a single power supply. If you'd like to 3D print your own enclosures the models can be downloaded HERE.

 Power Trigger Module 3D enclosure

My video offers a visual and practical exploration of this module. Whether you're looking to streamline your DIY projects or seeking efficient power solutions, the USB-C Power Trigger Module is a gadget worth exploring.


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