DeWalt Bit Holder

DeWalt Bit Holder

A PLA Bit Holder for DeWalt Drills

The Bit Holder x 2 (DeWalt) .STL

DeWalt Bit Holder

The Bit Holder x 4 (DeWalt) .STL

DeWalt Bit Holder x 4

If you're like me, constantly switching between different screw bits in your DeWalt drill, you've probably encountered the challenge of keeping them organized. DeWalt includes a metal belt hanger in their drill packages, but it can be more of a hindrance than a help. However, there's a solution - crafting a custom bit holder that's not only practical but visually blends with the drill.


Design Objectives:

  1. Integration: The bit holder should seamlessly merge with the drill's appearance, giving it a factory-fitted look.

  2. Ease of Fabrication: The design should be simple enough for anyone to replicate, utilizing 3D printing with readily available materials.

  3. Functionality: The holder must securely accommodate multiple standard-sized screw bits, making them easily accessible during your work.

Creating the 3D Model:

  1. Starting Point: Begin by identifying the attachment point on the drill where the holder will connect. Ensure it snugly fits the drill's mount.

  2. Bit Compatibility: Consider the standard size of screw bits and design the holder to accommodate them comfortably.

  3. Printability: Strive to create a 3D model that can be printed without supports by standing it on one end...

DeWalt Bit Holder in Slicer

Design Considerations:

  • Material Choice: The design aims to work seamlessly with PLA, a commonly used 3D printing material.

  • Tolerance Consideration: Account for variations in 3D printer tolerances by incorporating features like a slit and a nub to provide a secure fit without excessive tightness.

DeWalt Drill Bit Holder

Installation Process:

  • The holder can be attached using the supplied screw that came with the drill. If you don't have that a standard M3 x 10 screw can be used instead.

DeWalt Drill Bit Holder

DeWalt Screw Bit Holder

DeWalt Bit Holder Installed


The final product should fit perfectly onto your DeWalt drill, offering just the right amount of tension to hold your screw bits securely in place. This practical and aesthetically pleasing bit holder enhances your drilling experience, keeping your bits organized and within easy reach.

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